Why should you employ a tutor?

Hiring a Tutor

        Hiring a tutor can be of special benefit for
  • Quiet, polite and well behaved children.  Often a teacher must put the majority of their attention into controlling a small number of loud or disruptive learners.
  • Children with low self-confidence.  I can help your child raise their own confidence levels through positive re-enforcement and clear, constructive praise.  Your child will be able to celebrate their successes and come to regard failures as helpful to their learning.
  • Children who are 'above average' in their ability but not classed as 'gifted'.  Schools feel the pressure to attain 'national average' levels for a high percentage of their children.  If your child's school has many children who are slightly below where they need to be, your 'above average' child may not receive the attention they need to excel.
  • Children who are fed-up with school because they feel 'stupid'.  No teacher will ever agree to the idea that some children are stupid, but for many learners who find traditional lessons difficult, it is hard for them to ask for extra help.  They feel their class-mates would look down on them.  Working with a tutor one-to-one, or in small learning groups makes a big difference to their self esteem. 
  • Children who depend heavily on an unusual learning style which excludes them from 'chalk and talk' teaching, or independent reading activities.
  • Children who have moved schools a lot - maybe children from forces families.  It is common for these children to be very bright, but may have missed many 'chunks' of learning due to the fact that different schools teach different skills and topics according to a two-year timetable.
All of our primary teachers are highly trained and of excellent quality.  In the U.K. we are lucky enough to have schools which generally work hard to do an excellent job at providing first class education and a safe environment for our children.  However, they are constrained and hampered by government initiatives and administration.  The reality is that many classes struggle with being over-sized, understaffed and academically stretched to the limit due to massive difference of abilities.  

As a teacher, I know how hard class teachers work to provide challenge, interest and attention to each child at their own level as often as they can.  Class teachers are amazing people, but it is simply not possible for them to achieve all they would like with their whole class.  As a result it is common for certain groups to suffer at the expense of others.  
"By using a tutor, you will be giving your children an education that is exactly and consistently what they need."

My undertaking to you

I will:

  • Make an initial assessment of need in the areas suggested, or a general assessment.  I will do this by providing exercises based on the National Curriculum Levels and descriptions of attainment provided in Assessing Pupils Progress documents.
  • Where appropriate, communicate and collaborate with your child’s class teacher.
  • Provide verbal feedback and guidance throughout the session.  At the close of the session I will review what has been covered, praise success and explain the next steps for learning to your child.
  • Set home learning, as requested, and return completed tasks with feedback.
  • Periodically set summative assessment tasks and feedback to parents on formal attainment.

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