Subjects Taught

Core Subjects

- These are curriculum areas which are regularly assessed and formally reported on at school.  The levels they achieve in these areas are likely to affect which learning group they are placed in whilst at primary school and then again at secondary level.

Maths                        (Confidence building; key skills.)

        Literacy                         (Confidence building; writing; reading; spelling and handwriting.)      

Science                    (Knowledge and skills.)


Entrance Examinations

- Often required by private schools, especially for entering at Year 6.

Verbal Reasoning Skills

Non Verbal Reasoning Skills

Foundation Subjects

- These are subjects which are assessed and reported on during primary school, but are not a main part of a child's overall assessment, or 'level'. However, they each provide many opportunities to apply learning done in the core subjects.





PSHCE                        (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, Education.) 

Design Technology     (Depending on resources for practical sessions.)

Extra Curricular Sessions

- I can also help with:

Confidence building
Verbal and expressive skills
I.C.T. skills (will cater for adults to!)
Guitar / Bass Tuition (Informal instruction to help get started, up to a level where children can play independently and for enjoyment.)
Cycling Proficiency  (Now called 'Cycle Safe' I have been trained to instruct your child to stay safe on their bike.)