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Testimonials from collegues

posted 4 Aug 2011, 13:50 by Darren Field   [ updated 9 Aug 2011, 03:11 ]
"I've loved working with you! You have made the last two years fantastic and entertaining!" 
(Fellow teacher from a school, in Warminster.)

"Darren has an excellent rapport with his class.  He has excellent interpersonal skills. Darren has taught a class with a high degree of special needs and contained one child in particular who had cerebral-palsy.  Darren managed her requirements superbly.  He teaches with great sympathy and understanding.  His very positive relationships with pupils is his great strength.  This strength was also obvious in his interactions with parents which were universally positive." 
(Deputy Head Teacher from a school in Melksham.)

"Darren is very creative in his planning - he always seems to plan exciting or different sorts of lessons.  He's just got that ability to capture his children's attention." 
(Senior teacher in charge of gifted children and children with special needs at a school in Warminster.)