Testimonials from collegues

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"I've loved working with you! You have made the last two years fantastic and entertaining!" 
(Fellow teacher from a school, in Warminster.)

"Darren has an excellent rapport with his class.  He has excellent interpersonal skills. Darren has taught a class with a high degree of special needs and contained one child in particular who had cerebral-palsy.  Darren managed her requirements superbly.  He teaches with great sympathy and understanding.  His very positive relationships with pupils is his great strength.  This strength was also obvious in his interactions with parents which were universally positive." 
(Deputy Head Teacher from a school in Melksham.)

"Darren is very creative in his planning - he always seems to plan exciting or different sorts of lessons.  He's just got that ability to capture his children's attention." 
(Senior teacher in charge of gifted children and children with special needs at a school in Warminster.)

Testimonials from children

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"You've been a really good teacher. The best, in fact." (Connor, age 10.)
"Mr Field is officially the best teacher in the whole world. A massive thank you! He really is a science legend!" (Chay, age 12.)
"I have had fun. Thank you for teaching me." (Jaydon, age 8)
"Mr Field was my favorite teacher.  I know I've had a better education than my sister, because she didn't have him!" (Jack, age 10)

Testimonials from parents

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"Darren has been tutoring our son for the past 6 months (1hr a week) to help boost his English and Maths before sitting his SATS . He quickly established a great rapport with my son, making the session both educational and fun. Our son was at a reasonably good level, but we wanted to ensure he fully grasped and understood grammar and punctuation.  At our request, Darren mainly focused on English, but was very flexible to cover Maths if our son had been doing something at school which he had struggled with.  Our son really enjoyed the sessions and was always happy to do the extra hour of studying.  I would highly recommend Darren to anyone seeking additional primary age tutoring."
(Mrs D - Mother to T, whom I have had the pleasure of teaching.)

"Darren has been working with O to help with his literacy and getting his ideas down effectively on paper. My son enjoys his relationship with Mr Field (which has often been a problem with his teachers at school), and is making great progress. I'm very happy to continue our sessions going with him.
(Mrs H - Mother to O who is studying to extend his writing skills and improve his literal organisation. I've been working with O since the start of year 6. He's now in year 7.)
*Update - I continued to help Oliver to improve his composition and literacy analysis through KS3 and KS4 and into his GCSEs

"When I first met Darren and saw how well he interacted with children at school I said to myself: Yes, he's the one for my M."
(Mrs R, Mother of M a young lady in year 5 working to build her confidence and fill gaps in her maths learning. I was asked to tutor her daughter after spending a day supplying in her school.)

"We would like to say how pleased we are with the extra English help you provide for our two boys. You bring an enthusiasm to your sessions that encourages the boys to fully engage in the subject matter. Indeed, they actually look forward to their weekly sessions with you, which given their general lack of interest in English, is nothing short of a miracle!  We look forward to working with you for the foreseeable future."
(Mrs W - Mum to two twin boys studying comprehension and writing.) 

"Darren Field has been tutoring our son for the last month. He established a good rapport with our son from the first lesson. Our son, who finds the mundane routine of the National Curriculum tedious and repetitive, looks forward to being taught by him. The lessons are enjoyable and stimulating and we are pleased with the progress he has made. Darren has a friendly and pleasant personality and is as reliable as clockwork."
(Mr W Father to a year 6 pupil, studying verbal reasoning prior to a private entrance examination.)

"Thank you so much for putting such enormous effort into W's lesson last night. You have a wonderful way with him! He is delighted and thinks that having your help and support will be 'brill'. It's a relief to have found you and organised our tutoring. I particularly loved the self confidence building.
Many thanks."
(Mrs S Mother of W - a bright year 7 pupil studying to extend his literacy learning, with whom I've been working with for two years.)

"Mr Field has gained the respect of the parents and the pupils.  Without exception all of the children at ***** School stated what a great teacher he is.  Mr Field has brought many things to the school, not least being his ability to make learning fun and to engage and build relationships with the children in his care, and their parents."
(Signed by the head of the PTFA at a previous school, when I left recently, and signed by 39 parents.)

"Thank you for teaching J.  You have made a really big impact on his confidence and attitude to learning.  He still talks about lessons he has had with you - and he's in year 7 now!" 
(Mrs C.  J's Mum - a year 6 pupil from Trowbridge with ADHD.)

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