An Introduction


I have been a class teacher and subject leader in primary schools in West Wiltshire for 13 years. I'm presently relishing my role as supply teacher (after redundancies).  I have enjoyed working with Key Stage Two pupils, providing children with stimulating and engaging teaching which has given them an enjoyable and varied learning experience.  

An important part of my role as a teacher is that I can develop a child’s self-esteem and confidence. I am patient with pupils and provide a safe and supportive learning atmosphere where pupils feel encouraged to make mistakes and ask questions.

I consider a child's skills and learning styles and tailor my teaching appropriately. If a pupil is struggling with one teaching approach try another.

It is important for a teacher to know where their pupil is, academically speaking.  I am familiar with a range of assessments used for assessment for learning. I feel that it is also really important that my learners know how they are doing, so I supply constructive feedback which praises and scaffolds their next steps to learning and includes the learner in their own progress.  

I have taught a range learners from Special Educational Needs pupils to children on the Able Gifted and Talented register (often on both registers!).  I have experience of children who are either under or over confident, children who find school boring and have disengaged with their learning and pupils who speak English as a second language. I am confident preparing children for their year 6 SATs tests, optional SATs at year 4 and 5 and 11+ entrance examinations.

Many of my pupils, colleagues and parents describe me as kind, friendly and enthusiastic.  One of my greatest strengths is the speed I build up a a good rapport with children.  I have often received compliments and thanks from pupils and parents alike.

Throughout my professional career I have maintained good relationships with parents and carers.  I will ensure that you are included with regard to progress, next steps and as part of your child's learning experiences. 

About Me

I am 43, married and live in Trowbridge with my wife Catherine and my 12 year old daughter Caitlyn.  I really enjoy being outside, whether that's walking the dog or gardening. I play use the gym regularly.  I also love music and play guitar, bass and ukulele (just for fun - although I'd happily give introduction lessons!). I enjoy reading and occasional watercolour painting/sketching.  I like eating pizza, prefer ale to wine and my favorite colour is yellow. 

If you are really interested, my current C.V. is attached at the bottom of this page.

Darren Field,
16 Aug 2011, 13:53